Sunday, January 12, 2020

Fill Something

Yesterday we played with the idea of creating an empty space. Today we'll do the opposite and fill something up. That's because sometimes emptiness feels like spaciousness and freedom, all light and airy, allowing us space to breathe.

But it can also feel empty or scarce.

Today fill something that needs filling or refilling. Your gas tank. Your empty veggie crisper in the fridge, your vision board, an empty shampoo bottle, a page in your journal, a blank wall, the diaper bag, your stash of batteries, or your calendar for the month, a grocery list. Add some money to your bank account, fill your water bottle, or stock your car with things you always need like wipes or tissues. Fill an empty flower vase or candle holder.

Compare how you feel when thinking about these concepts and ideas of empty and full. Take a few moments to think about which areas of your house make you feel comforted when they are full or induce a feeling of scarcity and worry when they are empty.

For me, full closets cause me to feel stressed and cramped while a full pantry gives me a feeling of being prepared and reduces stress around food.

Take a moment to explore why you might have some of these feelings. I know that my need for food security comes from living on a gravel road in Indiana as a small child and the message that my mother imparted to us that not having a well-stocked pantry was an actual danger should we be snowed in, which often happened on county roads that got plowed last. As an adult, I'm still making sure that the inner child who worries feels secure. 

Empty shelves and drawers make me feel light and in control but an empty refrigerator makes me anxious. We all know how uncomfortable an empty gas tank and cell phone battery make us feel.

If you've flirted with minimalism, as I have, you know that there is a threshold for the amount of things that make you feel comforted and safe and going beyond that can create some feelings of unease. It's not about having everything or nothing it's about having the right amount of things for you. For most of us that is far more than what we have right now but the quest for the right amount can take some work to uncover.

The opposite of more is not less. The opposite of more is enough. ~ Unknown

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  1. I love that quote at the end. This is so good. and interesting how different people (within the same can feel differently about the "empty" and "full". Good food for thought.


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