Saturday, January 25, 2020

Shop Your Closet

Today's assignment as we ease into the new year is to create a new outfit from something you already own.

Most of us wear twenty percent of what we own eighty percent of the time. Today go through your clothes and accessories and put together something you haven't paired before.

Do you always wear the same cardigan with the same blouse? Is there anything else it would go with? Is that one skirt really the only thing that jacket would go with? Don't forget to try different jewelry or a scarf!

Mix it up and make something fresh. You don't even have to wear it today! This is just an exercise in using what we already have (see yesterday's post) and getting out of our clothing rut.

You are giving yourself one more option without leaving the house or spending any money.

And of course, feel free to do some gentle purging as you come across things you know you won't wear in the future. Don't take out more things than you could put away in 10 minutes. We aren't trying to create a stressful activity but make one new outfit. 

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