Thursday, January 23, 2020

Declare today Anti-Procrastination Day

Need a happiness boost? There's something you can do today to get it. One of the things that can build anxiety is having a lot of tasks we should get to but we keep putting off. Most people struggle with this and it's one of the hardest things to overcome. We all know how good we feel when we finally accomplish the thing we've been delaying, but every time it seems to be a battle against our inner resistance.

Think back to a time when you put something off because you imagined it to be difficult and time-consuming and then it was quickly dealt with.

"If I'd known it would be so easy I'd have done it sooner!" We say afterward. 

I'm speaking to myself because I need to change phone plans but in my mind, I have built up this huge difficult set of complications that are keeping me from taking action. Meanwhile, a few weeks ago I got my Real ID when I renewed my drivers' license and it felt so good walking out of the DMV having it finished. I say this even though the process was almost as time-consuming and frustrating as I'd imagined. 

So let's do something today we've been postponing for a while. Or at least make a plan and decide when we'll get it done. If you need to go to the DMV the best days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays that are not in the same week as a holiday. And study the website to make sure you take all the necessary documentation. 

Other things you might do are buy a 2020 planner, clean out some space that's bothering you, get the oil changed in your car, call a repairman about something around the house, RSVP to an invitation, buy a gift, Decide what to do about a big problem and take action, have that talk with your boss, take all those Amazon boxes to recycling, renew your passport...

As you can see your possibilities are endless. Think how great it's going to be to have it finished!

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  1. I can be guilty of this for sure. Not overly so, but definitely procrastinate on some things.


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