Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Getting to Know Yourself

What state should you be living in? Which Disney Princess are you? What kind of cheese are you? The internet is rife with fun and hilarious quizzes. But there are actually a few quizzes worth taking that can help you understand yourself and why you are the way you are.

While we're easing into the new year and decade and we think very gently about our goals or what we hope to accomplish let's take a day to get to know ourselves. Understanding how we work best and most effectively, interact with others, and some of our natural bents and tendencies can help us make better choices.

So here are some of the most reliable quizzes for getting to know some things about yourself that might be useful. It can also help us to understand why others are the way they are. The more insight we can gain the kinder we can be to ourselves and give grace to others.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator  This is the one you are probably the most familiar with. It's been around the longest and is used by lots of schools and businesses.

The Big 5 (OCEAN) Purports to be even more science-based that MB. Ranks you on the 5 big personality indicators.

Enneagram The new kid on the block and the most popular personality test right now. You need to take this one just so you know what everyone is talking about.

The 4 Tendencies Quiz This one has to do with how do we get ourselves to do what we want or habit change. Based on the science and research of Gretchen Rubin it's helpful when trying to change our behavior and great for helping us understand others.

Take some time out today and take one or all of these. It's fun to get your family members or at least your spouse to take them. Fostering understanding is always a good thing.

In case you are wondering,

According to MB I am an INFJ. 

On the Big 5 I'm:

 high open
 high conscientious
 high extroversion
 highly agreeable
 low neurotic

On the Enneagram I'm a

My tendency is Questioner. 

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  1. Awhile back my husband had me do a test that his work was having all employees and potential employees take and it was so interesting how accurate it was. I can't remember my results I'll have to ask.

    I'm not sure what my MB results would be...I'm too cheap to pay for the
    I'm also an enneagram 9 but 7 and 2 are close on it's heels.

    On the 4 tendencies I'm an Obliger
    On the Big 5 I'm
    High open
    High conscientiousness
    High Extroversion
    High Agreeable

    Can't wait to read more about these. Though they sound pretty right


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