Friday, October 9, 2015

That First Hive Assembly was a Challenge

When I ordered my first hive it was part of a kit I purchased. I had a terrible time putting  the hive together and cursing whoever photocopied the ridiculously bad pictures that are attached to the instructions.

Here's the story as I told it when it happened...

Normally, I'm pretty handy. The island in my kitchen? I built it. (Okay I ASSEMBLED it from prefabbed parts, but still...there were power tools involved so I'm totally claiming credit. There isn't too much I'm afraid to tackle so...bee hive?

Okay, I'll admit to being intimidated...

I've spent 3 days looking at precut pieces of wood on my den floor. It turned cold again so I've been working on this project indoors. I'm beginning to have a feeling perhaps the powerful wood glue is something I shouldn't be breathing any more of. But a couple of hours ago...a breakthrough! Suddenly the way the pieces were supposed to fit together and what I'd been doing wrong was SO OBVIOUS! This is why when my husband continuously asks me if I don't want to call someone for help I just keep repeating "NO"....How embarrassing would it be to have someone SHOW that to me.

                    My stubbornness in this area is a lifelong problem.

I do NOT like to ask for help. I am always trying to convince my husband that we can find it and that we MOST CERTAINLY do not need DIRECTIONS!

Do I LOOK like I need help? Please ignore the fact that I am covered in wood glue and have multiple splinters. 

Unless you want to come and make dinner. Then, please....PLEASE! I beg you! Come and help me!

Here's what has been accomplished on the hive so far:

The hive body.

 Building the outer cover, which will be the top and protect the hive from the weather...

 ...flip it over to add the galvanized metal top.

The floor boards (not pictured) were not exactly even once I got them glued together and didn't easily into the grooved side pieces. There was a lot of vocalization of frustration which led my husband to ask me once again if I needed...

I gave him a look that told him not to finish that sentence.

When it finally went together the way it was supposed to (with a little extra persuasion from my hammer) I yelled:


You know for whoever might be listening. I find victory over inanimate objects something to celebrate.

I also completed a third part which includes the bees' landing strip.

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